15mm Buttonhole Elastic (White-Black, Elastic with Holes, Various Lengths

Color: White
Packaging: 5m
Sale priceTL18.00


  • Ease of Use: Habby Buttonhole elastics can be easy shaped with scissors in the desired length.Also, it maintains their durability and flexibility against repeated use and are machine washable.
  • Good elasticity: Habby Buttonhole elastic is very stretchy and it maintains its width even when the stretch has reached its limit and does not undergo any deformation.
  • Features: Habby Buttonhole elastic is extremely flexible and durable. It is also comfortable to use and skin-friendly. It is durable with strong elasticity properties suitable for hand-cutting.
  • Wide usage: Habby Buttonhole elastics can be used in many areas such as face masks, medical supplies, DIY and sewing projects and many other usage areas. It can be also use it in crafting projects.
  • Material: Habby Buttonhole elastics are made of polyester yarn and natural rubber latex. “Habby elastic” is a registreted trademark. Habby products have STANDARD 100 BY OEKO-TEX ® certification.

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